What are the fees?

The fee for initial consultation is between $175 and $285, depending on the type of consultation. Medicare will reimburse you for most of this cost, and the maximum out of pocket fee is $65 per consultation for Medicare-eligible patients. 

The maximum out-of -pocket fee for follow-up consultatiion is $65 for Medicare-eligible patients. 

Is there an option of Bulk Billing?

All Health Care Card holders, pensioners and full-time students will be bulk-billed - they will not be charged any out-of-pocket fees. Bulk billing will also be considered for patients whose referring medical practitioner requests it.

Bulk Billing is standard for all participants in the QPrEPd Trial.

Do I need a referral?

Referral is required for specialist consultations to be covered by Medicare. Please enquire about costs private consultations without referral from the Evandale Practice (07 5510 3122).

I saw Dr Aitken previously at Gold Coast Sexual Health Service. Can I transfer my care to his private practice?

Yes. Stuart is happy to continue the care of his patients from the public sector in his private practice. Simply ask your medical practitioner for a referral to Dr Aitken. Transfer of your health information can be organized at the time of your first consultation. Dr Aitken continues to offer specialist HIV medicine, PrEP, and genital dermatology consultations in his private practice.